State Building Circus Kremenchug 1942 year photo number 1903

Здание Гос. цирка Кременчуг 1942 год - фото № 1903

The circus in Kremenchug was built in 1933-34 on Teatralnaya Street (now Gagarin Street). It was a huge wooden building for 2,000 spectators. It was equipped with everything necessary, differed by a fairly high level of improvement.

More details are described in the article Kremenchug Circus

Next, the soldiers of the Wehrmacht went to the entrance to the Park MUDA, where they also took pictures.

Date: Winter 1942

Location: Kremenchug, Teatralnaya Street (now Gagarin Street)

Caption for the photo: Fritz Heinze: Vermutliche rumänische Soldaten vor einem Holzbau mit der Aufschrift Staatlicher Zirkus


Здание Гос. цирка Кременчуг 1942 год фото номер 1903
Article Name
Здание Гос. цирка Кременчуг 1942 год фото номер 1903
Фотография немецких солдат на фоне Гос. цирка в Кременчуге, сделанное зимой 1942 года
Publisher Name
Окраины Кременчуга
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