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The main directions

CMF Drupal

CMF Drupal

Modern site content management system, with free code.

Adaptive design

Adaptive design

Proper display of the site on various devices (gadgets)

Search engine promotio

Search engine promotion

The amount of work carried out to obtain targeted traffic and its further increase.

CMS Wordpress

CMS Wordpress

Free SEO optimized content management system for sites, with free code.

Індивідуальний підхід

Individual approach

Layout of pages according to the layout chosen by you

Поддержка сайта

Site support

After development - site support and maintenance


Created projects

Beauty salon Византия

Beauty salon "Византия"

Design, development, SEO



Development, SEO

«Цирульня на Єленський»

Beauty salon «Цирульня на Єленський»

Development, SEO

Кременчуцька газета

«Кременчуцька газета»

Development, SEO

Company «КрАЗСевер»

Company «КрАЗСевер»

Design, development, SEO


Service center «MegaTELService»

Design, development, SEO

About me

Information about my work

  • С 2009

    Website development

    I was interested in web-development at the institute

  • 2010 год

    Commercial site

    Start developing commercial projects. The first site of a beauty salon «Цирульня на Єленський». I still support this site.

  • 2014

    HTML5 and CSS3

    All projects are redesigned to meet the requirements of HTML5 and CSS3

  • 2015

    Adaptive design

    Mobile devices have entered and filled our lives, increased views of sites from mobile gadgets, so for some sites an adaptive design or mobile templates have been applied.

  • AND


Anna Tymofienko

Anna Tymofienko

Beauty salons «Візантія» and «Цирюльня на Єленський»

Irina Mikhailova

Irina Mikhailova

Creative coffee shop «Color it espresso bar»

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