Театр и Зрелища Кременчуг 20 июня 1913 года объявление номер 2056

Theater and Shows Kremenchug June 20, 1913 announcement number 2056

Date: June 20, 1913
Place: Kremenchug
Source: Program Plus



New Theater
Performances of the Jolly Theater: “Maple Baron Agathon”, “Tacit Neighbor”, “Three Corpses”, “Salon”

City Garden
A big festivities in the summer theater divertissement with the participation of the whole troupe

Bioscope “Star”
The pictures are shown: “The Secret of the Heart”, “The Honor of the Banker”, “How much torment in a moment of pleasure” and “Pat Journal”

Theater “Phenomenon”
Shows pictures: “White Lilies”, “Tuesday May 28, BABNIK”, “Chronicle Gomon”, “Certaldo”

Performances with trained beasts. Divertimento with the participation of the Lilliputian troupe

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