Дом принудительных работ. Кременчуг 1931 год. - фото 1123

Prison castle in Kremenchuk

The prison castle was built in Kremenchug in 1805, it was located on Kievskaya street (now Bohdan Khmelnitsky). It was built according to one of the first standard designs of prisons for provincial cities in Russia by architect A. Zakharov, the famous author of the Admiralty in St. Petersburg. True, the project had to be modified, adapting it to local conditions. According to the administrative status of the county town in Kremenchug, it was necessary to apply a standard project for county towns. But Kremenchuk, neither in terms of population, nor in terms of economic development, did not resemble a typical district town.

In addition, the location of the city on the border of three provinces attracted a significant number of criminal elements. Therefore, the standard project for the provincial town turned out to be small, and the standard project for the provincial towns could not be used, since Kremenchuk was not a provincial town. Forced to compromise. The fence and entrance gates with towers were built according to a typical provincial project, and inside the courtyard they built not one building for prisoners, but three. In the middle of the 19th century, these one-story buildings were dismantled and in the center of the courtyard a two-story faceless prison building was erected, which existed until World War II. Unfortunately, there are no photos of the prison.

According to the Reference book for 1908 Kremenchuk

At the prison castle there was a church built in 1865,

throne in the name of the Mother of God “Joy of All Who Sorrow”.
Reach: St. Nichol. Autonomous. Romensky (Weight.u.d. Magdenko),
headman Yves. Yves. Bogdanov (Constant-Zelenaya, Sagala village).

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