Городской сад Кременчуг - открытка № 1941

Kremenchug City Garden

The history of the City Garden began on the eve of the arrival in the city of Empress Catherine II. By her arrival, Potemkin’s oak grove was turned into one of the best landscape park in the Ukraine. Here Potyomkin is building a wooden traveling palace for Catherine according to the project of Petersburg architect Starov. At the end of the 19th century, a summer theater, a kurzal, a coffee house, and bowling pits were built in the City Garden. On weekends and public holidays a brass band plays in the garden. The garden gate and part of the fence remained until the end of the 80s of the XX century. But after the beginning of the construction of a new building of the prosecutor’s office, with the improvement of the adjacent territory, the gate and fence were demolished. The garden has fallen into disrepair. Only one oak tree has survived from the former Potemkin oak forest. The railroad workers club built here on the lake shore was destroyed. The lake is preserved. In the people it was nicknamed “Pour fever”. At one time, waste warm water was discharged from a city TEC.

Author: Ivushkin V.E.

Source: gorod-kremenchug.pl.ua

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