Молочная, кофейня и столовая Централь Кременчуг 1913 год объявление номер 2017

Dairy, coffee house and dining room Central Kremenchug 1913 year announcement number 2017

Date: 1913
Location: Kremenchug, Ekaterininskaya Street (now Cathedral), opposite Kozachk’s shops
The inscription on the ad:

In the image of large cities, a first-class dairy, a coffee-house and a canteen are opened. E. Velitovsky Central in Kremenchug, Ekaterininskaya Street, opposite Kozachka’s shops. Specially luxuriously furnished separate salon. Constantly hot and cold breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Tea, coffee, chocolate, sour milk, pies. Daily pancakes. Cooking is immediate. Prices are the most affordable.

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