В пионерском сквере фото номер 1763

In pioneer square photo number 1763

Until 1917, the square was called Shtabnoy, after 1917 – the Karl Marx Garden, since 1920 – the Proletarsky Park named after Karl Marx, and in 1936 – the Pionersky Square. As the newspaper “Robitnik Kremenchucchini” wrote on July 1, 1932, the children’s park of culture and recreation is designed for daily service up to 1000 children aged 4 to 15 years. A library, a reading room, a sports ground, a buffet, various circles and a base for organizing excursions worked in the park. In 1934, a parachute tower appeared on the territory of the park.

Date: 1930s
Location: Kremenchuk, Pionersky Square, former Shtabnaya Square, located in the central part of the city near the Dnieper
Source: The book “Smaragdovi shati of Kremenchuk: the history of the city in parks and squares” 2016

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