Остров «Фантазия». Кременчуг 1953 год - фото 987

Island Fantasy Kremenchug 1953 photo number 987

Date: 1953
Location: Kremenchug, Fantasy Island
Photo: Oleg Gorislavsky from the personal archive
Comment on Alice Evselevskaya photo

… In the late 60s, my parents often took me to the island of Fantasia during the summer holidays. On the island grew huge poplars, oaks, aspens. In the direction of the river station was a sandy spit. The water in it warmed faster than in other places. Fishes without fear swam near us. On the sandy shore there was enough space for playing volleyball, football. Various companies, vacationers on the island, held tournaments among themselves. In the midday heat, we tried to hide in the shade of trees in emerald glades. We made fires, cooked fish soup, cooked kebabs. Many families set up tents and spend the weekend overnight on the island. Someone listened to the radio, someone played the guitar, someone told stories …

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