Фільм «1917». Перша серія - «Революційний березень»

The film 1917 The first series – Revolutionary birch

The first event was called the bourgeois or February revolution, and the period of the fall of 1917 in Soviet times was called the “Great October Revolution”, and now the Bolshevik coup. The main thing is that one year of history – 1917, changed the fate of millions of people in the territory of the former Russian Empire. There was no empire, autocracy was overthrown, the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II occurred. Some established the dictatorship of the proletariat, others fought for national liberation. Ahead were years of suffering, bloodshed and terror.
Kremenchug, like all of Ukraine, found itself at the epicenter of events. The city was the first to support the February Revolution of 1917, in the summer they fought with the monarchist reaction, and in the fall some of the citizens believed the Bolsheviks, others fought for Ukraine.
What was the revolutionary year for Kremenchug – see this in the documentary film “1917”.
The first series – “Revolutionary Mart”.
Source: Kremenchug Public TV

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