Город и порт Кременчуг 1781 год рисунок номер 2025

City and port of Kremenchug 1781 year figure number 2125

Date: 1781
Place: Kremenchug
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Military engineer, architect, artist. In the early 1780s, Stanislav August Ponyatovsky, the last Polish king, became his patron. According to the royal decree, Johann Heinrich Munz was engaged in the restructuring of the Wawel royal residence in Krakow. He had “royal orders” on the territory of Ukraine. Thus, as part of the development of a project for a residence in Korsun, Johan Heinrich Munz traveled through the territory of Ukraine, combining business with pleasure, which resulted in an interesting collection of drawings with views of landscapes, towns and other interesting wonders of our country.
City and port of Kremenchug (Stadt und Hafen von Kremenczúk)

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