Александра Ильинична Дурунча Кременчуг фото номер 2151

Alexandra Ilinichna Duruncha Kremenchug photo number 2151

Date: Until 1917
Location: Kremenchuk, Vorozheykin House
Photographer I.A. Beletsky

Alexandra Ilyinichna Duruncha (married to Hadji), in a national Karaite costume, sheathed with beads and natural pearls. Photo was taken in the workshop of I.A. Beletsky.
The salon of Ivan Afanasevich Beletsky was in Kremenchuk, on Birzhevaya Square, in the house of Vorozheykin. Photo from the family archive of Natalia Haji.
A native of Kremenchuk, Alexandra Ilyinichna Duruncha (married to Hadji) had a medical education. In 1941, A.I. Duruncha, together with her husband Isaia Markovich, a mining engineer and architect, was destroyed by the Nazis in Kharkov, at the denunciation of a Slavic housekeeper (Alexandra Ilinichna instructed her to hide family values ​​in a pickle, and she handed them over to the Germans and extradited spouses).

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