Назаренко Алексей Михайлович в Кременчуге фото номер 2194

Nazarenko Alexey Mikhailovich in Kremenchug photo number 2194

Nazarenko Alexey Mikhailovich was supposedly born in the 1880s in the village. Alexandrovka Pokrovsky district of the Dnepropetrovsk region in a prosperous peasant family. In childhood, I went to school and was taught to read and write.
In the tsarist army, thanks to his beautiful handwriting (according to his daughter), he was appointed a clerk and served in Kremenchuk. After military service, Alexei Mikhailovich married.
The wife was Maria Vydrenko, from the peasants, born in the Poltava province.
In marriage, seven children were born.
After military service, Alexei Nazarenko remained the owner of a peasant farm and at the same time went to the service of a clerk in the judicial department of the village of Pokrovskoye in the Dnipropetrovsk Region.
During the Soviet era, he worked as a judge in the economic court of the town of Pokrovskoye in civil property matters.
He died in old age in the early 1960s.
Perhaps someone recognizes his ancestor in one of the two strangers next to Nazarenko Alexei Mikhailovich in the photo of Gamal, write in the comments
(information from the great-granddaughter of Alexei Mikhailovich – Nazarenko Natalya Viktorovna)

Date: Until 1916
Location: Kremenchuk, Aleksandrovskaya street (now Pervomaiskaya)
Photo provided by Nazarenko Natalya Viktorovna

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