Военный госпиталь в Кременчуге - фото 632

Military hospital in Kremenchug photo number 632

Date: Until 1917

Location: Kremenchuk, promenade area

Photo from the Foundation of the Kremenchug Museum of Local Lore.

Courtesy of A. Byshenko

Reference book on the Poltava province in 1908 Kremenchug:

Kremenchug local infirmary. The building of the engineering department (Headquarters).

The chief is colonel. Sergey Evgrafov. Benecrypts (Poch. 8),
Head hospital infirmary. Al-nr Leon. Daragan (hospital building),
senior. doctor stat. owls Pavel Dmitry. Lyubimov (ibid.),
pharmacy manager count. ACES. Serg. Peter. Viktorov (hospital building),

junior doctors:

above. owls Alexander Fedor. Dietz (Schools. 10),
count ace You. Fedor. Kandyba (Ekaterininsk. At.).

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