Фотография Свято-Успенского кафедрального собора построенного в 1816 году в Кременчуге

Assumption Cathedral Kremenchug 1943 photo number 1819

The cathedral was built in 1816 and was a true decoration not only of Alexander Square (later Cathedral Square, and now Victory Square) but of the whole city. Perfection of proportions, purity of style, sophistication of interiors put this building among the best metropolitan churches of its time. He was a symbol of the city of Kremenchug.
After the revolution of 1917, the cathedral was closed at the “numerous requests of the workers” in 1929, the bells were removed from the bell tower and the local newspaper wrote with satisfaction: “Call the cathedral asleep in your dreams. Every other month there’s just another roar.” The cathedral building was intended to be used as a museum, converted into a House of Physical Education, the Palace of Culture, etc. But not one of these projects could be implemented.
In the 30s, the Cathedral was used as a warehouse. Before the war, the warehouse was taken out, the building was not guarded by anyone, it was not even closed.
The cathedral was blown up by German soldiers before retreating from Kremenchug in the fall of 1943
Date: 1943
Location: Kremenchug, Cathedral Square (now Victory Square)
Photo provided by Alexey Abramov

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