Сенная площадь в Кременчуге

Sennaya square Kremenchug – postcard number 49

The square was laid out according to plans from 1803 and 1805, on the outskirts of the city, at the end of Ekaterininskaya Street. The natural border of the square was the banks of the Krivoy Ore River, which separated the square and the City Garden. At the beginning it was called Horse, then Sennaya, and after the construction of a large area on Zanasyp, called the Second Fair, Sennaya was renamed the First Fair.
Information from the book: “Kremenchuk: Favorite City” documentary-artistic edition 2019

Date: before 1917
Location: Kremenchuk, in the background – Grachevka settlement, Ander’s mechanical plant and the City Garden

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1 thought on “Sennaya square Kremenchug – postcard number 49

  1. По простому – базарная площадь! Половину этой площади и сейчас занимает базар.

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