Деревянный мост в Кременчуге - фото №1759

Wooden bridge Kremenchug photo number 1759

Automotive wooden bridge was built in the period 1942-1943 year
The movement of the convoy from Kremenchug to Kryukov, most likely it is already 1943 and the Germans are retreating. Several bulls from the wooden bridge have survived to this day and many Kremenchuk residents believe that they are from the old pre-war bridge, in fact, the pre-revolutionary bridge built in 1872 stood on the same bulls as the modern Kryukovsky bridge that was built on December 21, 1949.
Date: 1943
Location: Kremenchug, automobile wooden bridge across the Dnieper, downstream from the railway bridge
Caption: Foto KREMENTSCHUK Ukraine – von deutschen erbaute Brücke – Notbrücke
Photo from open internet sources

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