Pushkin Boulevard Kremenchug 1970s photo number 1772

Бульвар Пушкина в Кременчуге - фото №1772

In 1955, at the crossroads of Lenin (now Sobornaya) and Pushkin streets, the formation of a new Theater Square was planned, and in its depth – to build a building of a drama theater. But Kremenchug, by its status as a district city and population figures, had no right to the theater. Therefore, by May 1, 1961, a boulevard appeared, alleys were arranged, along the edges of which green areas of common robinia were placed, “spherical”, poplar, linden. In the early 80s, the boulevard was reconstructed, and it acquired the current look. In 1985, the bust of A.S. Pushkin was established.
Date: 1970s
Location: Kremenchug, Central part of the city, Pushkin Boulevard
Source: The book “Smaragdovi shati Kremenchuk: history of the world in parks i squares” 2016

Бульвар Пушкина Кременчуг 1970-е фото номер 1772
Article Name
Бульвар Пушкина Кременчуг 1970-е фото номер 1772
Фотография бульвара Пушкина в Кременчуге, сделанная в 1970-е года
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Окраины Кременчуга
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