Berlin on the Dnieper Kremenchug postcard number 814

Берлины на Днепре Кременчуг открытка номер 814

Date: Until 1917
Location: Kremenchug
Stationery store of E.Kh. Tolchinsky


Berlin or Berlin – a type of river cargo ship (barge), with a sharp bow protruding above the stern, and one mast; walks against the tide.
Berlin has from 15 to 22 fathoms of length and from 8 to 12 arshins of width and represents, like the barge, a flat-bottomed vessel.
Payload from 5 to 25 thousand pounds (from 80 to 400 tons).
It moves with the help of poles, sails, delivery of anchors or whip traction.
Berlin was built of pine or spruce wood with oak hooks at the base, which are called boots.
The longest service life in Berlin is 17 years.
It has a gable roof, and its interior is divided into 5 parts: an attic, a cabin, two compartments for different goods and between them, in the middle of Berlin there is a place for water flow, called “vuyuala”. The cabin, which serves as the premises for the owner, is located in the aft part of Berlin. It has a furnace and is divided into two parts: a shelter and the cabin itself.
Berlin has one mast, a spruce tree, from 15 to 19 fathoms high, and with it, there are two yards, one for a large sail, and the other a smaller goby, for a smaller sail called a bull. Sails can be from two to four, including two bull-calves.
This type of river vessels was most often found on the Dnieper, wherein 1884 729 Berlin sailed, or more than 42% of the total number of vessels sailing there, including 646 above thresholds.

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