Aviation monument An-12A USSR-11385 aircraft Kremenchug photo number 1320

Авиапамятник Ан-12А СССР-11385 в Кременчуге - фото 1320

Poltava region, Kremenchug. An-12A USSR-11385 (2401004) The operator was the North-Caucasian Territorial Department of the Civil Air Fleet (from September 15, 1964, the North-Caucasus CAA), Rostovsky JSC, 77 LO, a / c Rostov-on-Don. Entered September 1, 1964. Registered on September 5, 1964, as the USSR-11385. Written off on August 29, 1977 to work out the assigned resource. Later installed as an air monument in the city of Kremenchug in a city park near the City House of Culture. Petrovsky. It was planned to be used as a children’s cafe and cinema. Dismantled and disposed of. A supermarket “Bill” was built on the site of the air monument.
Source of information: http://aviahistory.ucoz.ru/

Авиапамятник Ан-12А СССР-11385 в Кременчуге фото номер 1320
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Авиапамятник Ан-12А СССР-11385 в Кременчуге фото номер 1320
Фотография самолета Ан-12А СССР-11385 который как авиапамятник, стоял в г. Кременчуг в городском парке отдыха вблизи Городского ДК им. Петровского.
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Окраины Кременчуга
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