Grade 7 of the 10th school 1952-1953 school year Kremenchug photo number 1815

7 класс 10-й школы Кременчуг 1952-1953 учебный год - фото №1815

The school was located in the station building of the station sanitary inspection room refurbished after the war. The building of the former school is no longer there, it was demolished due to disrepair somewhere in the 1970s and the Magistral store was built.

Date: 1952-1953 school year

Location: Kremenchug, railway station area

4th right- Appel Maria Samoilovna, teacher of mathematics and class teacher.
Headmaster – Ryvkina Eva Savelievna teacher of the Ukrainian language,
Headmaster – Kovalenko Ivan Nikitovich teacher of Ukrainian literature,
Kostenko EM teacher of geography
Top left:

Gavras Larisa,
Belonog Tamil,
Schneider Ida,
Ostrovskaya Lena,
Anna Elkinson,
Mezhibovskiy Boris,
Gapon Oleg,
Roman Revnyaga,
Sarelov Tolya,
Polyakov Alik,
Obydenova Zhenya,
Potapenko Valya,
Grigor Tamara,
Stetsenko Vitali,
Prozorova Rita,
Gapon Luda,
Besklinsky Lenya,
Belonog Tolya,
Sorkin Leva,
down below:

Bella Pashkovskaya,
Zhanna Lihogray,
Anna Shor,
Sveta Kozetova,
Nina Goloborodko
Were not photographed:

Alik Mezhberg,
Fishkin Meer,
Fominykh Gena
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7 класс 10-й школы 1952-1953 учебный год Кременчуг фото номер 1815
Article Name
7 класс 10-й школы 1952-1953 учебный год Кременчуг фото номер 1815
Фотография 7 класса семилетней 10-й школы Кременчуга 1952-1953 учебный год
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Окраины Кременчуга
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