Я.В.Меерович составление юридических бумаг Кременчуг 1875 год - объявление № 2028

Ya.V.Meerovich drafting legal papers Kremenchug 1875 year announcement number 2028

Date: 1875
Location: Kremenchug, Basis House on Khersonskaya Street (now Lieutenant Pokladov Street), opposite the Kodinets House
Source: Address book Kremenchug 1875

Ya.V.Meerovich undertakes to draw up, on the basis of laws, all kinds of legal papers to be submitted to Government and judicial regulations, including to the cassation departments of the Governing Senate.
He has a residence in Kremenchug, in the house of Bassis (former Chernovetsky), on Kherson street, against the house of Koditsa

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