Мастерская оружейного мастера Адольфа Миляуера в Кременчуге 1875 год - фото № 2011

Gunsmith workshop of Adolf Milyauer Kremenchug 1875 year photo issue 2011

The workshop of the gunsmith Adolf Milyauer in Kremenchug along the Kherson street Andrievsky House
He recommends his institution to receive all sorts of orders: plumbing, appliances for windows and doors, repairing various machines and agricultural tools and other things.
Orders are executed in good faith, accurately and in speed.
At the same time, I declare that I accept the discharge of weapons from abroad from the best factories for a moderate commission.
Adolf Milauer
Date: 1875
Location: Kremenchug, Kherson street, Andrievsky house
Source: Address book of Kremenchuk 1875

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