Татьяна Константинович - декабрь 1941 года в Кременчуге - фото № 463

Tatyana Konstantinovich in Kremenchug 1941 photo number 463

Date: December 1941

Location: Kremenchug

Photo provided by Alexey Abramov

Comments on the photo of Alexey Abramov:

“The war is already somewhere far away and the city is still relatively calm, judging by the photo, or maybe it seemed so to me. In the photo Tatyana Konstantinovich on one of the streets of the city where I just can’t say exactly. A week before the start of the war, she came on vacation after the first year of the Leningrad Institute of Foreign Languages ​​and couldn’t leave, the war broke out and the trains were handed over to the front. fluent in German. “

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