Near Lviv, archaeologists have found fragments tripilskoy culture

Возле Львова археологи нашли обломки трипильской культуры

The artifact makes it possible to argue that the Tripoli culture spread in the territory of the Lviv region
Near Lviv on Mount Zhupan, near the town of Vinniki, archaeologists discovered the amphora of Tripoli culture. Mayor Vinnikov Vladimir Kvurt wrote about this on his Facebook page.
The age of the find is five thousand years. Scientists found an amphora during excavations at the site of an ancient human settlement.

“Unfortunately, only fragments of an amphora have survived. But they are in good condition, and scientists claim that they can restore it. They are convinced that this is, without a doubt, a sensational find, because another artifact that makes it possible to assert that Tripoli culture spread throughout the territory of the Lviv region. On the amphora fragments you can see ornaments that are characteristic only of Tripoli culture. In such amphoras, representatives of these tribes stored grain and water “

Also on the site, scientists discovered the arrowhead and a stone stele, which stands on the floor. Most likely, it can be associated with some ritual acts.
Source: @violity

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