Реклама пивоваренного завода Ямпольского 1909 год объявление номер 2243

Advertisement Yampolsky brewery 1909 announcement number 2243

The announcement is printed in the reference calendar of the city of Kremenchug for 1909
The brewery produced different types of beer, the most expensive – “El” cost 2 rubles 40 kopecks per bucket (24 kopecks a liter or 12 kopecks a bottle), followed by oatmeal – 10 kopecks per bottle, royal and black – 8.5 kopecks per a bottle, Pilsen – 7.5 cents per bottle, and the cheapest – a table, 6.5 cents per bottle.
Date: 1909
Location: Kremenchug, Yampolsky Brewery
Source: Book “Kremenchug: Beloved City” documentary and art edition 2019

Announcement text:

The old brewery of John Yampolsky exists in Kremenchug since 1823
He recommends specially prepared and aged beer of different varieties from the new American, built by foreign engineers according to the latest science, where beer is stored in clean, cool, dry air.

Canteen – 1 ruble 30 kopecks bucket (20 bottles)
Pilsen – 1 ruble 50 kopecks
Black – 1 ruble 70 kopecks
Tsarskoye – 1 ruble 70 kopecks
Oatmeal – 2 rubles
Ale – 2 rubles 40 kopecks

On order by any quantity home delivery for free
Orders are taken at the Birzhevaya Street beer house in its own house, near the Miniature Theater, and at the brewery’s office
Phone number 7

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