Группа строителей водолечебницы 1926 год фото номер 2278

Фото предоставила Слуцкая Светлана Николаевна из семейного архива

Group of builders of a hydropathic clinic 1926 photo number 2278

Date: 1926
Location: Kremenchug
Photo provided Slutskaya Svetlana Nikolaevna from the family archive
The signature on the backside of the photo: “A group of construction workers of the Kremenchuk Electric Light-Water-Medical Clinic 1926”

Among the builders is Utikas Georgy Georgievich 01/15/1896 year of birth, (great-grandfather of Slutskaya Svetlana Nikolaevna). The White Guard, who served in the Caucasus in the army of Denikin, in 1920 was specially registered in the Grozny Cheka. November 6, 1925, was deregistered by the Kremenchuk GPU. And he lived on the street. Noble, 10 (now it is the street of Peter Kalnyshevsky). In 1927, he married Ivanenko Larisa Pavlovna (her mother was a noblewoman Kirsta Tatyana Fedorovna, they lived in metro Keleberda). Then George and his wife left for Leningrad. He died in 1930-33, the exact date of death is unknown.
Unfortunately, there is no photo left of George Utikas, so there is no way to determine exactly which of the builders Utikas …

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