Довоенный жилой дом на Раковке фото номер 2371

Pre-war residential building on Rakovka photo number 2371

On the first floor of this house, in the left-wing, there was the main mixed-type store on Rakovka.
Here you could buy bakery products, biscuits, Premiere, Sport sweets, Plum fruit caramel, Barberry, Duchess candies, toffee and Golden Key, Crayfish Tails, Goose Feet, and also halva, which was sold by weight from a tray. Chocolates were rarely bought: Lastochka, Vesna and Romashka. In the gastronomic section, there were sausages: boiled “Doktorskaya”, “Milk”, boiled-smoked “Krakovskaya” and semi-smoked “Odessa”.
Date: 1970s
Location: Kremenchuk, Rakovka, Republican street 81
Photo from the funds of the Kremenchuk Museum of Local Lore

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