In Belgium, about 30 people receive Hitler’s pensions

В Бельгии около 30 человек получают пенсии Гитлера

About 30 Belgians continue to receive Hitler’s pension for serving in the SS forces during World War II.
In Belgium, about 30 citizens still continue to receive the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler appointed in 1941 to retire for service in the SS forces during World War II. On this Wednesday, February 20, the newspaper De Morgen.

According to the publication, the order of Hitler, dated 1941, entitles the Belgians, who joined the Nazi troops during World War II, to still receive German pensions.

It is known that this case was submitted for discussion to the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs.

“The names of these people are known to the German ambassador (in Belgium), but the federal government, which for many years could not accept financial reforms, has not yet been informed about these Belgians”, –

stated in the text of the resolution submitted to the committee.

As Alvin de Konink, member of the Memory Group, including the prisoners of the Third Reich concentration camps and their descendants, reported to the publication, for 70 years the Belgian Nazis receive pensions in the amount of 425 to 1275 euros per month.

At the same time, noted Konink, the Belgians, who were used in Germany as a slave force during the war, received compensation of only 50 euros per month.


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