The butterfly effect in action: The mercy of the British soldier led to World War II

Эффект бабочки в действии: Милосердие британского солдата привело ко Второй мировой войне

In 1918, Henry Tandy fought in France. Somehow he decided to spare one soldier – and because of this, more than 60 million people died. In the Battle of Marconing, the Germans began to lose ground. Tandy took aim at the fleeing German, but this man was wounded, and he could not bring himself to pull the trigger, so he allowed the German soldier to leave, and he even nodded in gratitude. Henry Tandy’s face later hit the campaign poster, and twenty years later, this British poster appeared in Adolf Hitler’s country house.
When Neville Chamberlain visited Hitler and saw a poster on the wall, he asked about the reason for his appearance. Hitler replied:

“This is the man who almost shot me.”

The story is so incredible that one can doubt its authenticity, nevertheless there is strong evidence. There is a letter from the assistant of Hitler, written in 1937, with thanks for sending a poster for the Fuhrer. As it turned out, Hitler was very interested in things related to his own military experience. Thandy heard the story from the officer, who, in turn, heard it from Chamberlain. Tandy acknowledged that on September 28 he spared German soldiers, but could not confirm whether Hitler was one of them.
When the Coventry Herald interviewed him in 1939, he said:

According to them, I met with Adolf Hitler. Maybe they are right, but I can’t remember him


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